Selina Ryan

Executive and Business Coach

Sleina Ryan

Selina is passionate about challenging senior executives and business owners to become the most effective and dynamic business leaders they can be. She is an expert communicator, highly tenacious and politically aware of the internal dynamics of businesses from SMEs to large corporates.

Her ability to hold strong and robust conversations enables her clients to unlock practical solutions, gain real insights and bring their full potential into action. The business leaders who engage Selina come to regard her as their partner on a journey to much greater and more meaningful achievements.

While Selina will challenge you, pushing you out of your comfort zone, she will also make you laugh and leave you feeling much more capable, assured and fluent in your decision-making. A more demanding role will feel like a natural transition that you can handle with ease.

Drawing upon her background in business, leadership, psychology and communications Selina helps individuals build awareness and competency around the markers needed to advance their careers and transition into new roles or develop new businesses.

She enjoys working with dynamic and enthusiastic business leaders who have the appetite for a challenge and are striving to better their own and their business team’s performance. She challenges them to not just understand their own position and perspective but also what their stakeholders expect of them and how they fit into the bigger organisational system in which they operate. Selina is passionate about culture, facilitating company values and the proliferation of those values meaningfully through out a company’s system.

Her key coaching strengths include supporting people to: build leadership capability; find their business path to success as business owners or entrepreneurs; build effective communication and people management skills; grow strategic thinking and capability; develop presence and gravitas; improve presentation skills; and build emotional resilience and manage stress. Her sense of humour and strong interpersonal skills put people at ease in both the coaching and facilitation environments.

Selina’s experience covers over 18 years in coaching corporate communications, marketing, and media and in both the corporate and consultancy environment in Australia and London. She has worked across a diverse range of industries spanning professional services, education, agriculture, IT, government, national broadcasting, telecommunications, construction and pharmaceutical.

Qualifications and Accreditations

  • Masters of Organisational Coaching, The University of Sydney 2009
  • Certified Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Assoc MABNLP
  • Associated Certified Meta-Coach, ACMC
  • Advanced Diploma of Communication Studies, CAM Foundation, U.K.
  • Associate Diploma in Business Administration, The University of New England
  • Accredited Lominger Leadership Architect 101 and Voices 360 Feedback interpretation and Coaching Certification
  • Hogans Leadership Suite (360 degree tool)
  • IWAM – Inventory of attitudes and motivations

Selina Ryan’s Client Testimonials

“When I first started working with Selina I was facing a number of significant life changes and challenges, all culminating over a very short time frame.

Selina through her professional coaching ability was able to get me into a space where I felt completely at ease and present with myself. She helped equip me with the tools I needed to deal with a number of challenges both professionally and personally. She helped direct me in my understanding and appreciation of what I really wanted and needed to achieve in life. At the end of the day I was able to find balance in my work and home life.

During our coaching sessions Selina was extremely perceptive but always compassionate, displaying a professional approach to coaching every step of the way.

She has masterfully used her tenacity in combination with her coaching skill to help me take my professional life to the next level. With the various techniques she has shown me over the period of our coaching sessions, I have been able to apply these newly honed skills practically and now find myself adjusting my actions and modifying my behaviors for increasingly positive results on a day to day basis.”
Clyde Sutherland, Regional Controller ANZ, Abbott Australasia, October 2013

“My time with Selina was truly valuable, she has a superb ability to make you feel comfortable whilst developing you to reach your goals. Selina provided me with much clarity and confidence to improve my hectic work/life schedule. I gained insight in dealing with difficult staff issues and confidence in dealing with senior staff by understanding their communication styles. I developed my ability to use strategic questioning; and with my team members who were coached I saw an increase in their management ability and development of their direct reports. They now work more effectively together and have built assertiveness skills and confidence in dealing with senior stakeholders. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Selina – she is fabulous and I look forward to working with her again”
Belinda Dolman, Head of Client Solutions – Fox Sports Feb 2014

“Selina is an excellent coach. Not only did I come away from the coaching with excellent outcomes, I also enjoyed the sessions very much. Although dealing with conflict has always been an issue for me I am now more confident confronting difficult meetings and conversations in these often, awkward workplace situations. I now face conflict directly rather than putting it off in the hope the problem may solve itself. This has lead to more effective management and reduced problems. I would definitely recommend Selina for management coaching and in particular individual coaching programs. I think any organization would benefit from relevant staff undertaking Selina’s coaching.”
Bryce Peters, General Manager, Technical Services ,Faculty of Science, University of Technology, Sydney, 2013

“Working with Selina has helped me to develop a much clearer vision for where I want my business to be and how I’m going to get there. Selina has helped me to identify the steps I need to take on this journey, and to develop strategies and tactics to keep me focused and on track.

In every session Selina has challenged me to question my assumptions and to reframe beliefs that were holding me back. She has also helped me understand my motivations more deeply, and to tap into these so that my actions are aligned with my values.

I now feel more positive about taking on the tasks I used to hate, and more confident in my ability to achieve my goals.”
Jesse Taylor – Photographer, M – 0402393289

“Coaching has been a very valuable experience to help me grow as a manager and to enhance my existing skills. Selina has been wonderful to work with, has challenged me to be more self-reflective and consider situations and the environment prior to diving in.

I am now more planned, considered and self-aware. There is still more to do but I now have the tools to do this.”
Jane Ryan, Scholarships and Awards Manager, The Trust Company, Coaching Sept 2012 – May 2013

“Podium engaged Selina Ryan to work with me in an executive coaching capacity across a number of sessions over a one year period. As General Manager of a small but serious business, with a busy and often highly stressed team working below me, Selina helped me to identify my strengths, weaknesses, job likes and dislikes, working with me to find a balance between these that built confidence, increased job satisfaction and naturally provided a positive filter down to our staff.

At the same time Selina worked with 2 of Podium’s team leaders, bringing the 3 of us together at key times, in a safe, open and collaborative environment, assisting the company to develop a cohesive staff management team with a fantastic sense of wellbeing. We could feel how great the difference was, our teams could feel it, and we even had client feedback reflecting back on it. We will certainly continue to use Selina for all of our executive coaching needs.”
Sharlene Mifsud, General Manager, Podium

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