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Marketing Your Hospitality Brand: Quick Starter Guide

Author: Endrea

Whether you run a boutique hotel, a small restaurant, or manage an event-planning firm, you know that the hospitality industry is becoming an increasingly competitive field. With many small and large players on the worldwide market, it is becoming increasingly vital to stay relevant to your customer base — and stand out from the crowd.Any business that works in the hospitality field should understand the dynamics of acquiring new customers. 

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6 Insights From a New Author on Self-Publishing

Author: Glynis

INTERVIEW WITH A NEW AUTHORI have been privileged to work with a new author, Danielle Wright, author of Sleepy Magic ( which has just published and hits the market of parenting, meditation and self-worth on the head!In the last 5-6 months an enormous amount of work has had to take place to get this beautiful hard cover book to print and I have asked Danielle for her insight on self-publishing.Q1 “Danielle, wh 

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Leader as Coach – Are you up for it?

Author: Selina Ryan

Selina Ryan – Masters of Organisational Coaching, Meta Coach.Do you think you are a good leader? What’s your leadership style? Could it do with some work to get better results from your employees?Possessing a coaching style of management can dramatically assist effective leadership. Empowering and motivating people around you to step up means work can be taken off your plate. It may seem easier to do it yourself sometimes or tell peop 

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25 Reasons To Use A Virtual Assistant

Author: Korryn Campbell

I am constantly asked, “what tasks can a Virtual Assistant (VA) actually do?’. Below are 25 services that Entrepreneurs and small businesses look for when utilising the services of a VA.Administration One of the most time consuming items an entrepreneur or business owner may come across is the day-to-day admin task, the little tasks that take you away from your job and building your business. Below are some general admin tasks you may b 

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7 Steps To Taming Those Cash Receipts

Author: Louise McLoughin

If you are running a business, chances are that from time to time you will have to buy business items with non-business funds i.e. your own cash, personal credit cards, personal savings/cheque accounts etc. It is important to include these sorts of purchases in the business accounts because not only do they help to tell your business “story”, but they also assist in reducing tax debt. However, as the items haven’t been purchased via the bus 

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