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Authors and Assistants – Beware!

Author: Glynis

Author and Assistant Beware!As you will know if you have read my previous blogs, I am an Author’s Assistant, which means that I assist Authors to get their works into the market-place, from formatting their manuscript right through to publication, marketing, signings, and even book tours. Whether that is by the self-publishing method or publishing through an already existing publishing company.Sometime middle to late last year, I had an 

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Coaching Strengths vs Blind Spots: Which Is Really Better?

Author: Sarah Nanclares

"Why do coaches seem to prefer to focus on fixing your weaknesses rather than building on your strengths?" Is a question that I am asked.When we develop our strengths and talents, it brings rewards such as achievement, applause and self-confidence. Playing to our strengths comes from Positive Psychology with its focus on “human flourishing as the main vehicle to enable individuals, communities and organisations to thrive.” When we fix (i 

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Get Your Brand’s Voice Heard Through Content Marketing

Author: Endrea

Blogs, press releases, articles — it seems like there’s always some new method to get people interested in visiting your website. Yes, that may be true, but there is a beautiful method to the madness!Traditional marketing is starting to take a backseat to the new game of content marketing. Generally speaking, content marketing involves creating and distributing valuable content to attract a specific audience. It’s the art of communicati 

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Rugrats At My Feet…Argh!

Author: Korryn Campbell

Do you work blissfully in your home office each and everyday of the week and then BAM! School holidays hit? I usually love school holidays but this time around the kids are driving me insane, constantly asking me for food or “Mum watch this” or the usual fighting between siblings… they are under my feet and I’m only on day 7!Working from home has so many benefits. However, unfortunately, business doesn’t stop just because the holida 

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Marketing Needs To Be Measured

Author: Louise McLoughin

For a long time now, I’ve been pumping out blog content to various social media channels as part of my marketing plan. I enjoy blogging and playing around with images so have really just been doing this for fun and recreation. Recently though I started to think about whether all of my efforts are actually worth it and in terms of marketing for my business and if they are really working. Sure, I have attracted the odd lead here and there but I c 

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